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Our Guiding Principles

At Focus On Successful Solutions, we follow a strict set of values. Our practices are governed by principles centered on core human values, such as:

The Importance of Trust | Respect for Diversity & Individual Difference | Listening to the Concerns of Clients | Presenting Outcomes That Have Joint Imprint—Ours and Our Clients | Always Seeking Innovative Approaches to Providing Highly Efficient and Quality Outcomes While Seeking Cost Containment | Building Our Client's Capacity to Sustain Growth and Development While Also Honing Old and Acquiring New Competencies

It is these core values that give direction to our behavior and influence our decisions. Relationships with our clients and their success are extremely important to us, and we strive to produce attainable, useful, and practical results that represent the best practices in the field.

The Firm

Focus On Successful Solutions, LLC, is an organic body of experienced and well trained professionals who specialize in preschool through grade 12; we are committed to effective and progressive change. The consultant team consists of a diverse collection of educators, researchers, and trained psychologists, who are dedicated to assisting institutions to move forward, capture the moment, and focus on sustainability. At Focus On Successful Solutions, all our consultants are seasoned professionals who have terminal degrees in their respective fields. More importantly, the firm's culture mirrors the seriousness of intellect, scholarship, and the years our practitioners have spent in the field. Collegiality is a hallmark of the firm where mutual respect prevails and the consultants are passionate about the work being accomplished. We pay careful attention to social issues and apply sophisticated analytic models to enormous databases, program evaluations, and the literature that is needed to move ideas and clients up the scale. Productivity within the firm is enhanced by placing the people who have the skills in the right positions to tackle the difficult challenges.

What We Do

Our education consulting firm promotes growth and provides assistance to school districts in a customized, action-oriented format that results in measurable and differentiated outcomes.

Focus On Successful Solutions works closely with our clients to ensure that the institution's identified goals and objectives are realistic and aligned with its mission. We produce excellent results for our clients. We value and support diversity and inclusion of all key stakeholders in the decision-making process.

Members of the firm have worked in corporate America, the public sector, and private sectors, as well as urban, suburban, and rural school districts. In addition, their experience in higher education has taken them onto the campuses of city colleges and universities, as well as institution in small towns.

Focus On Successful Solutions has retained a first rate cadre of consultants with global perspectives and excellent academic credentials. We also maintain a staff of well-trained practitioners and researchers who understand the significance of delivering consistent, practical, and measurable results.

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