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Our Founder & CEO

Kenneth Boatner, Ed.D., MPH, is a founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Focus on Successful Solutions, LLC, of Atlanta, Georgia. Our education consulting firm was founded in 2010 as a merger with KCB and Associates, which is a firm founded by Dr. Boatner in 1983. KCB and Associates was created to serve public and private schools, as well as to assist the 35 local school districts in areas of psychological assessment, special education, and multicultural and diversity matters. KCB and Associates, under Dr. Boatner's leadership, developed partnerships with community organizations and philanthropic groups to promote improvement in cognitive, academics, social experience, and opportunities for children in urban and suburban school districts.

His work experience has spanned several decades and includes employment with the federal government providing technical assistance to early childhood education programs. The desire to expand services from preschool to college is an extension of Dr. Boatner's interactions with educators at all levels. For more than two decades, Dr. Boatner has worked at colleges and universities as an adjunct professor; instructor of online courses, in marketing, recruitment, and program development; and in administration as special assistant to the executive vice president of marketing, as well as a special assistant to the president of a Boston area college. 

Dr. Kenneth Boatner is a licensed psychologist in private pratice in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and in the State of Georgia. He holds a master's degree in counseling from the University of New Hampshire at Durham, a doctorate in psychology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, a fellowship at the Harvard Medical School, and a master's in public health from Boston University School of Public Health.